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Jun 12 2012

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Focal Length:7.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Pandamonium ©2012 HAB Photography


Yesterday, I made these panda cupcakes, and they turned out to be absolutely adorable.  I have never previously tried to make a decorated food item, and I feel like the pandas were a fairly decent product.  The entire process took a team of three of us about two hours, so you have to question if all of the work is worth the end result.

We modified the recipe slightly, but all of the ingredients and the overall process are fairly simple.  The cupcakes came from a box of cake mix and the frosting came from cans.  Oreo cookies are used as the arms and legs, black frosting was used to detail the face, and chocolate chips were used for the nose and the ears.  Simplifying a recipe is an important part of baking, as long as you do not take short cuts while mixing the batter.

Overall, these pandas were very fun to make and if you are in the mood to try something different, or you have a birthday party to attend, then bring these cupcakes along as a hostess gift. They are delicious as well!

Recipe from Hello Cupcake.

Please comment with your suggestions for future endeavors!

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