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Jun 13 2012

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Quill is the heartwarming and heartbreaking story of Quill, the adorable yellow Labrador who is trained to work as a seeing eye dog.  Quill is a Japanese film that was released in 2004 locally, but was recently released in May of 2012 in the United States.  It appeared in the Vudu New Releases category and I could not turn down the movie after watching the preview and after seeing the little puppy on the movie poster.

If you love dogs, then this is the movie for you.  The first twenty minutes provide some of the most adorable puppy footage I have ever seen.  I was constantly exclaiming “aww” throughout the entire movie due to the sweetness of the story.  You gradually fall in love with both Quill and Mr. Watanabe, the blind man who Quill works for.  I never realized how difficult life would be if I was blind, and as I watched the film, my heart went out to Mr. Watanabe and all of those people who are blind.

Quill provides an interesting insight into Japanese culture as well as into the process of training seeing eye dogs.  I learned about what characteristics are used when determining which dogs will make good seeing eye dogs and about the rigorous training dogs undergo to become seeing eye dogs.  The whole process is something I knew relatively little about previously.  Hearing the Japanese language is a very cool experience and while the movie is subtitled, it is very easy to follow.  Other aspects of the Japanese culture are presented within the film, such as what and how food is eaten, and how clean and orderly homes are kept.

Quill is basically the Japanese version of Marley & Me, which is both an uplifting and a tear-jerking film. Quill is the incredible story of a friendship between a man and a dog.  If you are looking for a different yet exceptional film, then I suggest giving Quill a chance.

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One comment on “Quill”

  1. Ditto! I loved this film! …made me laugh….made me cry …..but, most important…. it was very entertaining.

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