A Transformation

By: flixpixandedibles

Jun 17 2012

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Focal Length:4.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
A Transformation ©2012 HAB Photography

Today I took a hike through a forest preserve with my parents for Father’s Day. There was relatively little to photograph, but I came across these berries and thought they provided a perfect opportunity.  I found it especially neat that there are several berries visible in this picture, but are all in different stages of development. How can they all be attached to the same stem but develop at such different rates?

In my opinion, the contrasting colors of the berries in this photograph add a lot to the photograph. The three main colors present in the picture, including the varying shades due to the sun and the rate of berry growth, are very powerful because they complement the simplicity of this photo.  I chose to focus on the two berries in the front, but leaving the ones on the back slightly less focused also simplifies and sharpens the image.

Please comment with your suggestions for future endeavors!

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