Rock of Ages


 I saw Rock of Ages on opening night in the theater, and I was unfortunately not overly impressed.  Perhaps it was because I often find it difficult to get into movie musicals. Perhaps it was because I was not alive during the 1980’s. Whatever it was, I could have waited to watch Rock of Ages on DVD.

 There were several aspects of the film that I really did appreciate.  The musical aspect of the movie was enjoyable for several reasons.  Popular songs were chosen that everyone, including someone like me who barely knows anything about rock ‘n’ roll, knew very well.  Creative mashups were sung between characters that surprise you when you hear the various melodies of songs intertwining.  The singing completed by actors was also exceptional.  Some of the less well known actors in lead roles, such as Diego Boneta and Julianne Hough, had incredible singing voices and carried the weight of the roles they held.  Even lead characters Tom Cruise and Catherine Zeta-Jones sang well.

 Overall, the cheesiness of the film was annoying to watch and caused an occasional eye roll.  I heard a few people remarking that they felt that the rating should have been R instead of PG-13, but after thinking about the content that could have been considered explicit, several of the scenes used innuendos and certain imagery to allude to concepts rather than flat out showing it.  Rock of Ages certainly provides an insight into life during the 1980’s during the rock ‘n’ roll craze.

 The highlight of Rock of Ages was most likely watching Tom Cruise dance around without a shirt for over an hour.  If you are looking for something fun to watch, then give Rock of Ages a try.  Just make sure you are ready for humor that often pushes the line of appropriate and multiple melancholy montages.

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