Vintage Appeal

Vintage Appeal ©2012 HAB Photography


I decided to categorize this entry as both Pix and Edible, because who doesn’t love taking pictures of anything associated with food? Last week, I was at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for registration, and the hotel that we stayed at was near Jarling’s Custard Cup.  We walked over and tried Jarling’s Custard Cup, and the frozen custard was incredible.  I had a small sundae with bananas and their traditional cold fudge .  The cold fudge is a genius idea, because it doesn’t cause the ice cream to melt before you are finished eating your whole sundae.    Has anyone ever been to Jarling’s Custard Cup?

We sat outside underneath this sign, which has a really cool look to it. The sky was very dark and the yellow glow from the worn sign was beautiful. Because I didn’t have my camera with me, I actually snapped this picture with my cell phone.  The perspective and spur of the moment nature of this picture is part of what makes it interesting.  This is an unedited picture, and it always amazes me when no editing is required for a picture. Don’t be afraid to take an occasional picture, because they may turn out wonderfully.

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