Crustacean ©2012 HAB Photography

I am currently on vacation in Maine and today we took a day trip up to Bar Harbor. My parents informed me that when you are in Maine, it is a necessity to go to a Lobster Shack to have a fresh boiled lobster. Let me tell you, it is quite an experience. It is not everyday that you have the opportunity to watch your lunch swim around in a tank of water or to hold your lunch up in the air while it is still alive.

To begin with, I picked out a lobster and it were weighed, and then I had the opportunity to hold my lunch. I picked up the lobster and it began to wave around its legs. Luckily, its claws were bound so it could not pinch me! I was okay with the whole thing until it came down to actually cracking open the shell and everything. I snapped this picture before my lobster met its ultimate fate. Next, I cracked open part of the shell which just about did me in due to the large amount of green slime. I then proceeded to eat a little of the tail meat before focusing on french fries that we had also ordered.

After this unique experience today, I realized that it is sometimes better not to know exactly where your food has come from and how it was prepared.  Personally, I am glad that I participated in a ritual which is very typical and traditional to Maine, but I was very grossed out overall.  If anyone else has ever done this, feel free to share stories and opinions, I have a hunch that if you have, many of you may have similar opinions.

I am ecstatic that I now have the opportunity to say that I successfully survived a shore dinner!


Please comment with your suggestions for future endeavors!

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