The Gelato Fiasco

The Gelato Fiasco ©2012 HAB Photography


I recently enjoyed gelato and sorbetto from a very unique place called The Gelato Fiasco, which is a delicious gelato store, with two main locations in Maine. The flagship store is located in Brunswick, but there is another large store located in Portland, which is the one I went to.

The motto of The Gelato Fiasco is “Inspired by Italy. Perfected in Maine” and this rings true throughout everything I have experienced relating to this company.  I have had real Italian gelato in Florence, and the gelato from The Gelato Fiasco is the closest I have had in the United States to Italian gelato.

It is also apparent that a lot of effort went into the creation and development of The Gelato Fiasco.  Every cup of gelato is served with a red spoon, which is a very cute and uniform addition to each dessert.  The employees were all also extremely friendly and accommodating; they constantly offered us samples of every type of gelato they had.  They were willing to tell us about flavors they especially enjoyed and they offered to combine as many flavors as we wanted into any size cup.

I have enjoyed several different flavors including: mango, cran-apple raspberry, hazelnut crunch, chocolate chocolate chip, strawberry balsamic and caramel sea salt.  Those flavors are only the tip of the iceberg, for the list continues to include other flavors such as chocolate chipotle, all spice, dark chocolate noir, pear and rocky road. I absolutely loved each one I have tried and I highly recommend The Gelato Fiasco. Next time you are in Maine and come across the iconic red spoon, stop in for a delicious treat!

Please comment with your suggestions for future endeavors!

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