I recently saw Brave and I was extremely impressed; it was one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time.  I saw it in 3D, and it was well worth the extra cost.  It was also a good film to see on the big screen, an important dimension of the film would have been missing if it were watched on a small screen.

 Pixar has always been one of my favorite film companies because they always do a fantastic job.  Their stories are always easy to relate to and the animation is always incredible.  Brave has a good storyline that both teenagers and parents can relate to.  I saw Brave with my mom and it was an excellent film for a mother to see with a child.  The animation was also very good.  For example, the main character Merida’s hair was constructed and animated in incredible detail.  One of the main messages of Brave is the importance of being true to oneself.  Throughout the film, Merida follows her heart, no matter how difficult the circumstance.  This is a very important life lesson that is effectively taught to the audience.  After seeing a Pixar film, I always leave the theatre impressed and emotionally attached to all characters involved, and the same held true for Brave.

 Another interesting facet of Pixar films is the tradition Pixar has of placing common themes from old movies into new movies.  For example, in each of the Toy Story films, Sid and the Pizza Planet truck can be seen.  In Brave, Sully from Monster’s Inc. can be seen in one scene.  These small touches indicate the effort that Pixar places into each of their films.  Every film is a masterpiece waiting to be enjoyed.

 The previews of Brave do not reveal much of the main storyline, so there were several surprises along the way, which only made the film more enjoyable.  The rating of PG is appropriate for Brave, but I believe the intended audience is slightly older.  While Brave is a cartoon that younger children may enjoy watching, the deeper meaning in the relationships between characters would be understood best by most teenagers.

 If you have the chance, run to a theater for an opportunity to see Brave on the big screen.  When Brave comes out on DVD, do not miss it.  While watching, keep your eyes peeled for references to other Pixar films!

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