Flatbread Company

Flatbread Company ©2012 HAB Photography


After my family and I visited Italy in 2006, we developed a passion for wood fired pizza.  You may even believe that our passion borders on an obsession.  Whenever we are traveling anywhere, we immediately seek out the nearest wood fired pizza. I have had both good and bad recreations of true Italian wood fired pizza, but while on vacation in Portland, Maine, I enjoyed an absolutely spectacular wood fired pizza at Flatbread Company.

The wood fired pizza that I enjoyed at Flatbread Company was exceptional.  To begin with, the pizza had that delicious flavor that only comes from a wood burning oven.  The crust was the perfect thickness and had the perfect amount of crunch.  The toppings had excellent moisture control, and while being saucy, they did not cause the crust to become soggy.

Flatbread Company has been around for many years and they have a refined and modern mission.  Flatbread Company opened their first store in 1998 in Amesbury, Massachusetts; and since then, nine additional restaurants have been built up from the ground, starting with the immense oven.  Most of their locations are on the East Coast, but there is one in British Columbia and one on the island of Maui.  The focus of all of Flatbread Company’s dishes is organic produce grown on local farms.  My family has always believed in the importance of supporting local businesses and eating healthy, so being in a restaurant with the same policy was powerful.

In addition to pizza, Flatbread Company has mastered several other restaurant favorites, including ambiance and atmosphere.  At dinner, I almost always order lemonade and when  I saw a large sign advertising “homemade lemonade”, I was even more interested.  Flatbread Company’s lemonade is hand squeezed and maple infused, and is very different but also delicious.

 The large wood oven that you see above is where all of the pizzas are cooked to perfection.  Our table was right next to the oven and the counters where the pizzas are made, so we enjoyed a spectacular show all evening.  It was incredible, we probably took about two hours for our meal, and during that entire time, the same guy you see in the picture above manned the oven.  We asked our waitress, and she says that every day during the week, he works the evening oven shift!  In addition to seats near the oven, there is a beautiful section of al fresco dining right on the water.

 Flatbread Company relies on the support of local businesses, and also strives to make a positive difference in the surrounding community.  On Monday nights, Flatbread Company features a local acoustic artist and on Thursday nights a local band.  On Tuesday nights, Flatbread Company holds a benefit night to support local charities and organizations.

 As I reflect on my experience at Flatbread Company, I realize that I do not have the words to express what an incredible dining experience I had.  Anything I could write would not do Flatbread Company the justice it deserves.  You will just have to experience Flatbread Company for yourself!

Please comment with your suggestions for future endeavors!

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