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May 20 2013

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Focal Length:200mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D5000
Rosy ©2013 HAB Photography

First of all, my sincerest apologies for not blogging in such a long time. It is now officially summer, so I will definitely be blogging a lot more.  I was so busy while at school, but I really do enjoy blogging and am so thankful for all of your support, and I plan to work extra hard to continue this page.

While at the Chicago Botanic Gardens this past weekend, there was a plethora of wildlife to be seen. I came across this cute robin hopping around and plucking worms out of the ground occasionally. I especially like robins because of how active they are, combined with their beautiful, bright, red chests. He stopped for a while, perhaps because he saw me looking at him through my camera, so I quickly snapped a few pictures of him. Luckily, this picture turned out very well. Wildlife is especially difficult to photograph because most animals like to constantly move, but every once and a while, you can snap a good picture of a beautiful animal or bird, like this robin.

Please comment with your suggestions for future endeavors!

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