This Is the End


When my boyfriend suggested going to see This Is the End, I rolled my eyes and kindly suggested that we see Now You See Me, we could come to a compromise on that right? Considering this was the second time I would see Now You See Me, I was desperate to avoid This Is the End.  I did not want to see another cliché male comedy featuring Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, and similar actors typecast into roles where they would proceed to do a lot of drugs and crack inappropriate jokes, most of which appeal directly to the male psyche, throughout the film.

When I looked in the Chicago Tribune at the review of This Is the End the Friday after it came out, I was astonished to see that this film had received three and a half stars by Michael Phillips. Usually, he has pretty good taste.  That evening, I suggested seeing This Is the End, an offer which my boyfriend accepted before I could finish saying the movie title.  I sat back in that quasi-comfortable movie theater seat and opened my mind, but kept my expectations low. (This probably would not be a great first date film though, it could be a bit uncomfortable if you don’t really know the person sitting next.)

I loved it.

I laughed harder and louder during This Is the End than I think I ever have before in a movie theater. One of the funniest aspects of the film was that these well-known actors are playing caricatures of themselves.  There is a large party scene at James Franco’s house, and everywhere you look, there is another famous person.  When the main characters walk up to Emma Watson, instead of saying “Hey this is Hermione”, they say, “Hey this is Emma Watson”.  This continually happens throughout the film, and the multiple pop culture references surrounding each celebrity makes these actor portrayals very amusing.  There is a wide variety of references to other films that the main characters have played leading roles in.  Some of these references went over my head because I did not see Pineapple Express or Superbad, but I still caught enough of the references to find it funny.

I might warn you in advance, yes this film is crude and a large variety of the population will probably find it extremely offensive.  (But honestly, what did you really expect from Franco, Rogan, Hill and Robinson??)  There is a lot of fake gory violence and the use of fake blood in a wide range of instances, but it goes with the whole look and feel of the movie.  There were many sexual references, but by the end of the film you don’t really remember them.  They make you laugh hysterically as they pass by, but at the end, they aren’t the main take away from the story.  The language and drug use was extreme, as expected, but again, it works.  There were a wide range of Biblical references to the apocalypse that was happening outside.  These references were purposely extreme, and the question of the belief in a higher power is one that each of the main characters deals with throughout the film.

Another pleasant surprise was that the trailers for the film did not give away many of the hysterical punch lines.  The trailers do not reveal the ending of the film in any way.  The journey of these five friends through the apocalypse is unexpected and downright hilarious.  It is hard to imagine what the apocalypse would be like, but this film definitely presents an obscenely exaggerated, while potentially accurate portrayal.

No, this film is not a work of photography or capable of being nominated for Academy Awards for best acting, but yes, it is funny and definitely worth two hours of your time and ten dollars out of your pocket.  If you haven’t seen This Is the End yet, go. Get up from your computer right now and go to the theater and see it.  Or rent it from Redbox as soon as it is released to DVD.  But see it. You will not regret it.

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2 comments on “This Is the End”

  1. That’s a great review of the film, I’ve been debating going to see it in theaters vs. waiting until it’s out on DVD. It sounds like it’s pretty funny!

    • Thank you! I feel like either way, you can’t go wrong. Yes I really did enjoy the film, maybe perhaps because I expected that I would hate it, but nevertheless I loved it!

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